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Airport Chic | 5 airport outfits |

I'm in the planning stages of my Graduation trip and I am soooo excited that I of course started shopping.

1. I love these 5 looks because they're sooooo comfortable, look great, and can be worn separately thought the trip-and beyond (long-term wearability is key for me!).

I love this cream co-ord set because I already see myself wearing it beyond the plane and this trip! The top can be paired with jeans, a satin skirt, leather shorts - so many different ways! The bottoms could be worn with a t-shirt and leather jacket for a simple but "edgy" look or even a chunkier knit and some snakeskin boots for a perfect autumnal look.

2. The same goes for this second look - its so cozy yet still holds a level of sophistication thanks to the cut and monochromatic color.

3. I actually worse something very similar to this on my flight to (and from!) London and not only was I complimented both times, I was suuuuuper comfortable! This option is sleeveless and would be great for someone who runs a bit hot or gets anxiety flying qand needs to cool down. I'd paid it with a cardigan much like the one seen below in #4.

It comes in three different colors:

4. I wouldn't actually think to wear a dress when flying but this one looks so soft and so comfortable (sensing a theme here?) that I can definitely see myself traveling in this - especially if I was arriving to my hotel early and had some time to go out for a coffee or walk before check-in! The cardigan is essentially a blanket. Do I need to say more???? Love.

5. I simply couldn't do an airport looks post without including the OG herself - the sweater/sweatpants combo we that has been launched back into fame thanks to isolation. I'm still hunting for the perfect one myself (I want a specific color) but whenever I see someone snuggled up in one of these they look like they're in cozy heaven.

Top $17.90 | Bottom $25.90

I'm still between #1 and #2 myself for this trip - though I'm also pretty sure #5 will make its way into my luggage before i know it

All my love,


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