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8 Chic work bags that double as travel totes [shop]

Since starting my new job I've found myself in dire need of a new work bag - preferably one that can fit:

  • my work laptop

  • my snacks (top tier necessity!)

  • my small makeup bag I always pack but never use but will need the one day I decide not to pack it 😅

Ive searched high and low and most of them were so painfully outdated that I figured there have to be other women who are struggling to get their hands on something sleek, chic, and versatile - so here they are (starting at $45! Hover on the image for price - click to shop!)


The winner, for me was: he Calpak tote as well as the leopard lunch bag IYKYK!) because the bag itself is so versatile - it can be carried across the body, on the shoulder, or in your hand - has a removable pouch that keeps you organized AND has the slip sleeve so you can secure it on to your carry-on when traveling - whether that be work or pleasure!

I hope this has helped you find your perfect work bag - or at least shown you that you have options 🙌🏻

All my love,

xx Dani


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