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10 Basic Pieces every Work Wardrobe should have [PART 1] that getting dressed is easier.

1. Tailored pants or skirts in neutral colors like black, navy, or nude.

A good pant is the key to most of my outfits and something I really invest in because I prefer them to last me for years. The reason I would recommend getting a neutral color scheme in lieu (or addition) of a widely colorful one is because a neutral palette allows for more cross-wearing of items. This is down to the ease at which you are able to pair them all up. You can, of course have bright colors as well, but I would put most of my budget toward good high quality neutrals as you will get the most wear out of those.

2. A classic blazer that can be dressed up or down.

I own close to 20 blazers (and 99% are oversized) and if I had to get rid of even a single one it would feel like pulling teeth. Nearly all of them were thrifted, and I love how a good blazer can instantly change the entire vibe of your outfit. If I feel like the outfit I'm wearing is too dressy or too "corporate", I add an oversized blazer and it instantly dresses it down. A major plus is that they are so comfortable without having to cut back on looking polished.

3.Comfortable yet stylish shoes in neutral colors.

Comfortable is key here. We all know and love a shoe that has made us bleed. Much like with love, it can look good all it wants - but the moment the pain becomes so unbearable you're slipping them off under your desk it is time to go! The options below are all either flat or have a minimal heel - making them super walkable for both long and short days. I love all of these because they can be work outside of the office as well - doubling up your closet while keeping the spending down.

4. A versatile dress that can be worn to different occasions.

Have you noticed how people immediately assume you've put so much more effort in to your appearance whenever you wear a dress? It always makes me laugh because - let's be real - picking out a dress is far easier than picking out three or four different items. But hey, we'll take the compliment, am I right?! The below dresses are all office ready and can be paired with heels, flats, or sneakers - whatever your mood may be that day.

5. A crisp white blouse that can be paired with different bottoms.

This is a classic piece that I will reach for time and time again. Want to look polished? White button-down. Want to have a chic little blue jean moment? White button-down. Need a cover up for that gorgeous little summer dress? White button-down. It just works, every time.

I'm off to try and film a Spring reel for you - even though it is quite literally 29 degrees here this morning. *shudders*

All my love,


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